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Instructions to Authors  

1. Aim and Scope

The journal presents full-length articles that reflect significant advances in the areas of current mathematical interest and activity. The results announced should not have been issued elsewhere, except as communications without proof or as preprints. Authors are advised to contact the members of the Editorial Board to approve and present the papers for publication.

2. Preparation of Manuscript

Two copies are required in English. Each paper should be preceded by a short summary in English (not exceeding 15 typed lines). The journal is typeset in LATEX. Submission of papers together with their LATEX (TEX) les is therefore recommended. Files could be submitted on diskettes or by e-mail. Before having a paper typed for submission, authors are advised to provide themselves with the LATEX files \lathatmb.tex" (the style- file) and \samplemb.tex" (an example of a paper for MB). These les are available in MB site or could be obtained by e-mail from the following addresses: , , and (Secretary of MB, Mrs Volya Alexandrova) or: (Dr. Virginia Kiryakova). Otherwise, please use LATEX with command \ndocumentstyle[twoside,leqno,11pt]farticleg" in the preamble.

Authors are asked to pay attention to the following important points:

a. The typed area should be sized 13.3 19 cm., the basic font is roman 11pt.

b. The Title of Paper starts 4 cm below the top margin, in large bold letters (fnLargenbfg), followed by the author(s) name(s), Abstract, AMS Subj. Class., Key Words. At the first page footnotes can be included for thanks to financial institutions.

c. Headings of the sections (like: 1. Introduction, References, ...) are in bold and indented. Secondary headings like Definition, Theorem, Lemma, Remark are also in bold and indented. The text of the propositions is slanted; the word P r o o f. spaced and indented; the ends of the proofs { suitably marked; the equations numbered at the left hand-side.

d. Figures should be drawn on a separate sheet (except for the case of fig.tex files input in the LATEX file of the paper) and numbered consecutively. They should be about twice the size of the finished illustration. Please appoint the place of each figure in the margin of the manuscript.

e. The references are given at the end in alphabetic order and in the following styles ([1] - for books and resp. [2] { for articles in periodicals or collections):

[1] A. Er d e l y i et al. (Ed-s). Higher Transcendental Functions, vol. 1, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1953.

[2] C. F o x. The G- and H-functions as symmetrical Fourier kernels. Trans. Amer. Math. Soc., 98, 1961, 395-429.

f. After the references, skip 1cm and give author(s) address(es), affiliation and e-mail, flushed with the left margin and slanted.

g. During the proofs, authors are requested to correct typographical errors only. Contributors (or joint authors) receive 10 copies (altogether) of their paper free of charge. Additional reprints cannot be ordered.

h. Correspondence by e-mail is strongly preferred to save postage expenses to the Editorial Board, so please provide us with e-mail address(es) of the authors.